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A Gift of Madness Trailer
From the November 2016 debut performances at the Hatbox Theatre

On Art As Strategy
Steve Jackson of the River Street Theatre interviews Knowles

Performance Excerpt: Chapter 8. ME BE — Nin's Prism
From the 2016 world premiere at the Hatbox Theatre

50 Second Teaser
An excerpt from the full-length trailer

On Her Art
Sculptor/painter James Knowles queries his little sister on what makes her tick.

"...a small window into our lifelong discussions about creative spaces, quality, simplicity, form and process in art."   —NK

Ma | A Flipbook
Gesture study: Ma's Hands

On Her Masks
Knowles creates and discusses her masks for the show.

On Her Many Hats
From 2013 interviews; Knowles talks about the power of performance.

On Life After Loss
Knowles ponders survival after trauma — her own, and her mother's.

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